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Vacancies arise in different voice sections from time to time. Currently there are vacancies for a tenor, a bass, and a 2nd soprano. Contact us if you would like to join us.
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We learn a lot of new music over the session so previous experience of choral singing and the ability to read music is helpful. However, we sing for enjoyment and if you don't read music, we can support you. Our repertoire is very varied, so there is something for everyone. 
We audition all applicants. If you are interested, you will be asked to sing a song you know well for the Musical Director. This can be something straightforward and you will not be asked to sing from memory. You should bring a copy of the music for the accompanist. You will also be asked to sing some scales to ascertain your vocal range.  

Our choir is funded by an annual subscription but there are discounts for students and young singers. 

Click here to email us if you would be interested in joining us, and would like to find out more. 

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MARQUEE - Basic Example It is great fun to sing with The Arkleston Singers; there is a big variety of music which is interesting and sometimes challenging. Some of the pop classics are especially fun and the slow pieces can be very moving . . . . DP (sop) . . . . I know as I head to rehearsals on a Monday night, that within minutes of starting to sing, I will forget all about the stress that's gone on during the day at work. Singing enables me to focus on developing a completely different set of skills which is a brilliant way to unwind. . CB (alto) . . . . . . I enjoy the variety of music we sing and singing alongside more experienced singers who can keep me right! . . JS (alto) . . . . .